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Tape In's

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Tape in hair extensions are reusable, seamless human remy hair extensions that are pre-taped and made from high quality Russian human hair. It requires no adhesives, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals, or messy removal. It quick and easy to apply that does not take as much time in the salon. 


Once applied Tape-in Extensions can be reused for up to three times. Because the tape lays flat, like real hair, the look and feel of this method is extremely natural. We recommend a consultation to discuss how many pieces are necessary to give you a natural look with your expectations in mind.

1 pack of hair and install starts at $375 + (depending on length / color)

(10 sandwiches)

MAINTENANCE.      All install & maintenance includes cut and blending

Remove / Retape / ReInstall:      

Up to 10 sandwiches    $165

15 sandwiches    $195

20 sandwiches    $265

30 sandwiches    $350


 *Hair prices vary depending on color / length / amount / Call for a free consultation for exact pricing on hair and install.

Q & A:

  • How many pieces of  Tape in Extension do I need?  It always depends on what you want to achieve plus the texture and length of your natural hair. . If you are looking for some volume without length usually 1 package  (50g) will suffice.  If you are looking for length over 2 inches and volume you will most likely need 2-3 packages depending on the thickness and density of your hair. 

  • How long will my Tape-in Extensions extensions last? On average, with good maintenance, your hair extensions will last from 6- 8 weeks depending on growth rate before needing a lift

  • How many times can I reuse Tape in Extension hair extensions? We use high quality 100% Remi hair. It can be re-used up to 1 year with proper maintenance and care.

  • How often should I wash my hair? We recommend our customers to wash hair 2-3 times a week. It is the ideal period of time to ensure that accumulated oils do not destroy your tape-in extensions adhesive bonding.

  • Can I go to the gym? Yes you can!  We also think you should! Gym generates additional amounts of sweat and perspiration that may affect adhesive bonding if its damp for too long. If you go to the gym regularly we recommend washing your hair 3 times per week. If your head gets sweaty make sure to release it from any hair ties and let it dry.

  • Can I swim in the ocean or pool?  We do not recommend getting your hair wet in the ocean or pool. The reason is very simple — salt, chlorine and other active elements dry out your Tape in hair extension, making it less appealing and shiny. Also you hair color may fade and loose its sparkle, we recommend using a UV protectant if you spend time in the sun. If you do go on the pool or ocean be sure to shampoo your hair as soon as can to remove salt / chlorine residue.

  • Can anybody see that I have tape-in hair extensions? No!  We organize the extension to fit your head shape keeping in consideration your hair texture so your attachment  zones are hidden.   We always do perfect color match and blending hair cut. Depending on hair volume, your tape-in extensions adhesives bonding will not be visible for up to 6-8 weeks.

  • Can I color my Tape-in hair extensions? We don't encourage you to color them.  We can always make your extensions a few shades darker and tone them for you.. We only use or semi-permanent colors or glosses. Using any color that lifts, such as bleach or peroxide, can damage your hair extensions and will make them unusable. We always recommend making an appoint with salon professionals whenever you want to change your Tape-in hair extensions color. We will be happy to make it happen for you!

  • Will extensions ruin or damage my hair? No, our hair extensions do not ruin hair. We will professionally install hair extensions and will not attach too many tapes if your hair is thin or weak. We are extensively trained to properly distribute hair extensions so that your natural hair is not stressed.  Proper care is key, wash your extensions at least twice a week and brush it gently.


Client DO's

  • DO wait 24 to 48 hours before washing your hair extension

  • DO always brush your hair extension in downward motion

  • DO brush before shampooing to keep you hair from matting

  • DO always use leave in treatment from mid point to the ends

  • DO wear your hair extensions in ponytail when sleeping, swimming or exercising

  • DO use professionals to apply and remove your hair extensions


Clients DONT'S

  • DON’T use products containing alcohols, oils or ethanol

  • DON’T brush your hair extensions harshly

  • DON’T go to bed with wet hair extension

  • DON’T remove your hair extensions yourself

Reuse-Tape Extensions

We encourage clients to schedule touch ups on their extensions every 6 to 8 weeks. Our quality hair can be reused several, depending on the wear. To reuse a tape-in extension, we apply tape-in bond remover to clean off adhesive residue and remove the wefts. Then we use proprietary replacement tape.

We organize each extension strand upon removal so that each strand can be reattached in the same position as before. 

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