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Keratin Fusion Strands

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Keratin Extensions Our keratin bonds come pre-tipped so we are ready for you. The bond can be cut to style your hair. This method delivers naturally looking hair, just like your own hair would. The bonds are small and are undetectable.

Most women prefer the Keratin extensions because they have natural 360 degree movement and flexibility. We recommend a consultation to discuss how many pieces are necessary to give you a natural look with your expectations in mind. 

25 strands per bundle

1 bundle Install:                            $ 125

Removal                                        $ 1 / strand

- hair prices range depending on length and color

Q & A:

How many bundles of hair do I need?

It always depends on what you want to achieve plus the texture and length of your natural hair. . If you are looking for some volume without length usually 2 bundles will suffice.  If you are looking for length over 2 inches and volume you will most likely need 3-5  bundles. 

How do I make sure my extensions are made with quality hair?

We use the best quality 100% human remy hair. Our hair looks great, has the cuticle intact and lasts long.


How long will my Keratin Fusion extensions last?  

Once you take care of them properly as instructed by your stylist, your fusions can last at least 12 weeks, but certainly more.


How often should I wash my hair? 

It’s best for you to wash hair extensions at least twice a week. When you wash your hair, be gentle near your roots to avoid disturbing the fusions and apply conditioner below the bonds (mid shaft to ends)


Can I go to the gym? 

You can definitely go to the gym, but after your workout session, blow-dry your roots to prevent them from staying too wet.
(or release hair from clips / ties and allow the hair to dry out) The salt in your sweat can also loosen your bonds if they are exposed to too much of it, so keep this in mind.


Can I swim in the ocean or pool? 

Swimming is one of those things that you need to avoid. If your hair does get wet in a pool or ocean wash with a deep cleansing shampoo as soon as possible.  This will help reduce any damage to the bonds from harsh chemicals and/or minerals in the water.  If you do go for a swim often, be prepared for a salon visit to touch up your bonds soon after!


Can I color my keratin fusion extensions?

Going darker is easier and less damaging, and can be done with semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dyes. Using bleach on your extensions is likely to damage them if you try to do it yourself. If you’d like to change your hair color, let us know and we’d be happy to get it done safely for you.


Is it obvious that I’m wearing extensions? 

Not by any means. Our skillful stylists know what they are doing, and produce perfectly blended results every time. If your fusions do happen to show because of slippage, make a call to us at once! We’ll be happy to re-set your hair extensions for you.

Client DO's:

  • DO wait 24 to 48 hours before washing your hair extension

  • DO always brush your hair extension in downward motion

  • DO brush before shampooing to keep you hair from matting

  • DO always use leave in treatment from mid point to the ends

  • DO wear your hair extensions in ponytail when sleeping, swimming or exercising

  • DO use professionals to apply and remove your hair extensions


Clients DONT'S:

  • DON’T use products containing alcohols, oils or ethanol

  • DON’T brush your hair extensions harshly

  • DON’T go to bed with wet hair extension

  • DON’T remove your hair extensions yourself

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